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The business of meetings is changing! With the advances in telecommunications technology in recent years, people are able to save time, money and stress by having ‘virtual meetings’ with an Audio-Conference and no special equipment is required - you only need a touch tone phone.

Calls are charged on a pence per minute basis to the nearest second. Calls can be billed to one person or company OR individuals can register with Premier and pay for their own call time.

We run two main types of audio-conference call, one allows access to a conference by simply dialling a phone number, the other requires the entry of an ID and a PIN number to uniquely identify the caller.

Direct Dial In Audio-Conference (Invoiced)

This type of conference is appropriate when the bill is to be paid by a company or by the conference organiser ( not the individual callers ).

When people dial the conference number, they will be greeted by a message of the form "Welcome to XXXX Conferencing" ( where XXXX is the name of your company or organisation ). They will then be connected to the call.

A call log is generated showing the connection time and duration of each participant in the call. The call will be invoiced according to this log.

Invoiced calls can be held on any type of dial-in number (e.g. 020 (London), 0845 (Local Rate), 0800 (Freephone)), the price of the call will depend on the type of dial-in number chosen.

Direct Dial In Audio-Conference / Tele-Seminar / Tele-Class (Paid via Phone Bill)

This type of call is appropriate where each individual caller pays for their time on the call through their telephone bill. Tele-Classes and Tele-Seminars are usually run in this manner.

The features detailed below (mute, recording etc) can be used on these calls.

Calls are usually run on 0844 numbers.

Individual Payment Audio-Conference

This type of conference is only appropriate if a group requires live conferences and archives of past conferences to be maintained. The group should arrange for members to open accounts with Premier prior to calls commencing.

On registering a payment method with Premier, each individual caller is assigned a unique 4-digit ID and PIN number..

Once a participant has his ID and PIN numbers ( see below ), he dials into the conference number ( Premier supply and allocate the telephone numbers for each conference ).

The caller will be welcomed to the conference, he will be asked for his ID number, and the his PIN number. If these match, the caller will be connected to the conference and will be able to take part.

Premier will set up particular ID numbers (as requested prior to the conference) as designated powerusers, these callers have the ability to use conference control features such as muting of non-powerusers and recording of the call.

Each caller is billed ( to 0.1 pence ) per second for the time that he remains on the line. To leave the conference, he simply puts the phone down.

Setting Up An Individual Account

An account is set up by calling Premier and paying a setup fee together with an initial deposit to be put into the account.An account number (ID) number and a matching PIN number are issued. The account holder is then ready to join any conference.

The account can be set up immediately over the phone if a credit or debit card is used. If cheques or money orders are used, then Premier will wait for their arrival before allocating account numbers.

Individual Billing

Each participant pays standard phone charges to his telecommunications provider ( e.g B.T ) for the call to the audio-conference. This charge appears on his normal phone bill.

In addition, each participant pays a per minute charge to Premier Voicemail Ltd. This charge will be deducted from the participants’ account. When the account drops below an agreed level, it will be topped up automatically by Premier ( if the participant pays by credit card ). If payment is by cheque or PO, the account holder must ensure his account is in credit before joining a conference, otherwise he may be denied access.

Premier sends the account holder a combined statement of usage and invoice each time an account is topped up.


The Premier conferencing system supports the following features, which are all included at no extra charge (except where indicated).

Phone Number Types: Premier can supply all commonly used phone numbers, the required type will depend on the conference type and also whether world-wide access is required.

Recording of Audio-Conferences: Conferences or parts of conferences can be recorded and made available in various forms (e.g. as a listen-only replay on the same telephone number, as an MP3 file on our website, as an MP3 or Audio CD). Note charges apply to provision of MP3 files and CD's.

Muting: Individual users can mute/unmute themselves by pressing the 3 key during a conference. In large conferences designated "powerusers" have the capability to mute all non-powerusers on an audio-conference. This can be useful for removing noisy lines.

Music: Premier can play music at the start of an audio-conference as an introduction and indication that the conference will start soon

Customised Greeting: Your organisation can have its own welcome message, for example "Welcome to ABC Conferencing"

Beep-On-Join: Callers will hear a "beep" each time somebody joins the conference call. This is not recommended for large calls.

Mixed Playback: With this feature, a poweruser may start the playback of some pre-recorded information. This playback may be stopped and restarted by the poweruser as often as necessary to deal with any points raised.

Dial-Out: You can connect your local conference to another audio-conference in another country with the dial out feature. You do however, pay for the outgoing call.


All charges are available by contacting Premier Voicemail on 020 8236 0236 or using our contact form

Payment Terms & Conditions

Premier accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, DELTA & ELECTRON cards together with PAYPAL. We also accept cheques, postal orders and cash. For conferencing accounts, any pre-paid funds which are not used, will be returned in full on termination. Standard terms and conditions apply. Arrange a phone or personal appointment to discuss our services and how they could match your needs.

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